Fireyurt Series (1)

FireHiking Fireyurt series focuses on releasing yurt tents for all-season camping. We have optimized the traditional yurt to make it more suitable for backpacking, hunting and family camping.

FireHiking also has other series of hot tents such as LEVAFirefort, Fireden etc.
If you need a Tent Stove that matches a FireHiking hot tent, you can visit: FireHiking Tent Stove Category

Camping tents with a yurt design offer a spacious and open interior, enhanced stability, and ease of setup. Their approximately circular shape maximizes the available floor area, providing ample space for sleeping, lounging, and storing camping gear. The sturdy frames and durable materials ensure reliable shelter, even in challenging weather conditions. With their collapsible frames, these tents are convenient to set up and pack away, making them highly portable. Ventilation features promote airflow and reduce condensation, while customization options allow campers to personalize their camping space. Overall, yurt-designed camping tents combine comfort, durability, and convenience, providing a unique and enjoyable camping experience.

All season camping requires not only a yurt tent, but also a tent stove that can provide warmth and cooking, we recommend FireHiking titanium stove, which is not only lightweight but also has higher strength and heat dissipation performance.