8 Person Hot Tents (2)

When not using a stove, this hot tent can comfortably accommodate up to 8 persons.
When using a stove and a half inner tent we suggest 4 persons, if not using a half inner tent then anywhere from 4-8 persons is possible.


Benefits of the 8 Person Hot Tent

1. Suitable for all-season camping: our 8-person tent with stove jack is made of high-strength tear-resistant insulation fabric and high waterproof rating. This makes it able to face all kinds of bad weather, while the double door design and multiple vent setup allows you to use it comfortably in summer.
2. Plenty of space: the teepee shape of our 8-person tent gives it a super high space-to-weight ratio, comfortably accommodating up to 8 people standing and sleeping in the tent without a tent stove.

FireHiking 8 person tent

3. Half inner tent design: Camping in the wild will inevitably be infested by mosquitoes and all kinds of wet and muddy ground, at this time if you have an inner tent will allow you to rest comfortably. However, the full inner tent not only increases the camping load, but also affects the use of the tent stove, if you want to use the tent stove in the full inner tent, you have to carry another heat-resistant floor mat. Therefore, our 8-person tent is designed as a half-inner tent, which divides the hot tent into two, with one half being the resting area and the other half being the stove-use area. This will solve all the hassles and allow you to camp more comfortably.
Finally, if you need a tent stove that matches your 8-person hot tent, you can visit: FireHiking Tent Stove Category