Camping Master Raising Series | Why Do Titanium Furnaces Change Colour

Nov 9, 2023

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Some camping enthusiasts using titanium stoves have noticed that they change colour as the temperature rises. What is the principle behind this? Does the colour change affect the life of the Titanium stove? Today I will explain the principle behind the colour change of titanium stoves.

titanium stove

Why Do Titanium Furnaces Change Colour

The color change observed in a titanium stove when it is in operation is primarily due to a phenomenon called oxidation. Titanium has a high melting point and is known for its excellent heat resistance properties. When exposed to high temperatures, titanium undergoes a chemical reaction with the surrounding oxygen in the air.

During combustion, the intense heat generated causes the titanium surface to oxidize. This oxidation process forms a thin layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) on the surface of the stove. The thickness of this oxide layer determines the color that is observed.

Initially, as the stove heats up, it may exhibit a silver or metallic color. However, as the temperature increases, the titanium dioxide layer begins to form, resulting in a change in color. The color can range from a light straw yellow to vibrant shades of blue, purple, or even rainbow-like hues.

The specific color observed during operation depends on factors such as the temperature reached, the purity of the titanium, and the thickness of the oxide layer. These factors can vary between different titanium stoves and even during different stages of the stove's operation.

It is important to note that the color change does not affect the stove's performance or durability. Instead, it is a natural reaction of the titanium material to the high temperatures encountered during use. The color change adds a unique visual element to the camping experience and can be seen as a fascinating characteristic of titanium stoves.

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