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  • Ma****yk
    Received my titanium stove today, ordered from Canada. I took them out and put them together and it was quick and easy to assemble without any instructions. I love it, five stars is exactly how I would rate it.
  • So****ez
    After multiple uses, I am very impressed with this stove. I like it very much. I will continue to support FireHiking products.
  • Ra****el
    This stove is pretty awesome and worth the money.FireHiking is doing a great job and I believe they will get better and better.
  • An****ez
    A stove is very useful on cold weather camping trips to keep the tent warm on cold nights. And the shipping time to Canada was fast, I received the stove quickly.
  • tg****om
    This stove is really great, but it takes a lot of time to use the stove pipe for the first time, but it is easy to roll it up later. I have been using it for more than a month. I feel very satisfied every time.
  • nj****om
    The stove is very light and easy to use.
  • Em****on
    After using it a few times, the color change of the titanium stove is beautiful. However rolling the stove pipe was not easy, so I watched some tutorials on YouTube before rolling it properly. The stove pipe was a little wrinkled by me. I wish there was a better replacement for the stove pipe.
  • de****om
    I compared many stoves, and this one impressed me most. At the same price, this stove is lighter and has more complete accessories. Under the same configuration, the price of this stove is cheaper. Finally, I chose FireHiking Camping Tent Stove. I was very satisfied after receiving it. It was the same as the promotion.
  • An****om
    A very portable stove, very suitable for camping
  • gu****om
    A very beautiful stove. I have used it once, a very powerful stove.
  • Ro****om
    Awesome!!!It's better than I expected.I love it so much.
  • Al****ov
    It's great for cooking food in a pan and boiling water on it, I've tried cooking a few times myself. A great camping experience.
  • Le****an
    Bought this for camping use and have used it a few times. Great stove. The price is reasonable. If you are looking for a quality camping stove, this stove is suitable.