Hot Tent Tent Stove Fire Pit

Yurt Tent | Fireyurt Hot Tent for All Season Camping

Yurt Tent | Fireyurt Hot Tent for All Season Camping

FireHiking Yurt Hot Tent with Stove Jack
Capacity: 2-3 person
Materials: 210T Polyester Taffeta (Light, breathable and UV resistant)
Waterproof: PU2500mm
Stove Jack: Fireyurt yurt hot tent comes with a stove jack, you can have the stove pipe run through the new stove jack cloth and use the wood stove inside the tent.
Fully Open Door on One Side: More spacious tent doors for easy access.
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Fireden Hot Tent | All Season Tent with Inner Tent and Stove Jack | FireHiking New Arrival 2023

Hot Tent New Arrival 2024: Fireden

The hot tent with inner tent and stove jack, which was released for the New Year's Holiday 2024, has a much-improved waterproofing: the outer tent is made of materials with a waterproof rating of 3,000mm, where the fabric that touches the ground is waterproof to a rating of 4,000mm.
In addition to this, the Firestone is simple to pitch, portable and lightweight, with sleeping areas for 2 adults.
Fireden hot tents make your solo or 2-person adventures more convenient and comfortable!
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Hot tent camping with 4-8 person tipi tent with stove jack

LEVA Plus Hot Tent for 4-8 Person Camping

The LEVA Plus is Suitable for 4-8 Person with enough large space. This tipi hot tent is very spacious. When you use a half-inner tent, it can accommodate 3-4 Person. Without using the inner tent, it can accommodate 4-8 Person. The diameter of the bottom is 16.4 ft/5 m and the height is 7.9ft/2.4m.
Constructed from high-strength, heat-resistant canvas and waterproofed inside and out to 3000mm, this large hot tent will withstand most inclement weather. And with a stove jack and top and bottom vents inside, you can rest assured that you will be able to use the wood stove to cook and keep warm inside the tent.
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Firefort Hot Tent | 1-2 Person Backpacking Fort for All Weather Camping | FireHiking New Arrival 2023

Firefort Series Hot Tent: Backpacking Fort

This is a lightweight hot tent backpacking fort for 1-2 person wilderness fishing, and bush living.
Hot tent material: 70D/190T ripstop fabric, 2000mm waterproof grade, fully covered seams for better waterproof effect.
Double-layer structure: Mesh double-layer structure, taking into account the ventilation effect of the tent and anti-mosquito function.
Porch Design: Stove socket on the porch, you can use the wood burning stove to warm up or enjoy cooking and barbecuing; the front door can be pulled up to form a sunshade.
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TOLA Mini Tent Titanium Stove in a Hot Tent

TOLA Tent Stove: Beat the Cold

Our TOLA tent stoves are made of titanium, high quality and light weight, perfectly adapted to all kinds of hot tents, including canvas tents, polyester hot tents and more.
Tent stove is a long distance outdoor camping necessity, it is the perfect addition to your hot tent, you can use it to warm up, cook food, dry clothes and more.
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FireHiking Yurt Hot Tent

FireHiking Yurt Tent New Arrival 2024

4 Season Camping Tent with Stove Jack for 2-3 Persons


Best Hot Tent and Tent Stove

1 Person Hot Tent 2 Person Hot Tents 4 Person Hot Tents 8 Person Hot Tents Tipi Tents Yurt Tent Winterized Tent Camping Stove Titanium Fire Pit Hot Tent Stoves

Best Partner for Winter Camping

  • Teepee Hot Tent with Wood Stove
    Teepee Hot Tent
    Teepee tent you can have a fire in, high quality fabric material easily withstands strong winds and storms.
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  • Wood Burning Stove for Hot Tent
    Wood Burning Stove for Tent
    With a portable titanium wood burning stove for tents, you can enjoy warmth and hot food.
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  • Camping Stove Cooking Wood Burning Fire Pit Stainless Steel Stove
    Cooking BBQ With Firepit
    When camping with friends, you can use the Smokeless Fire Pit to cook food.
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Hot Tent Camping Real Photos

Camping Tent Stove Titanium Wood Burning Stove Cooking
Camping Firepit with mesh layer for cooking and bbq, cooking steak
Hot tent stove in a camping tipi tent with firewood burning and cooking
Outdoor hot tent with stove jack camping teepee tent
hot tent camping overnight with a dog in the forest burning stove to keep warm

Smokeless Fire Pit Camping Cooking

Camping BBQ With FireHiking Firepit

BBQ with a smokeless firepit with a stainless steel grid, cooking steaks.


FireHiking - Hot Tent & Tent Stove

FireHiking - Hot Tent & Tent Stove Brand

As an all-weather wilderness camping gear brand, FireHiking mainly provides campers with hot tents with wood stove jacks, including LEVA series, Firefort series, Fireden series, Fireyurt series, and so on. In addition, we also provide our customers with high quality titanium tent stoves, smokeless fire pits, and camping accessories. These tent stoves not only ensure that campers can experience outdoor burning and cooking, but also help campers enjoy their camping adventures even in winter. We offer high quality products and excellent service designed to continually improve the camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are hiking alone or camping with friends and family, Firehiking ensures that your camping experience is exceptional.
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