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Firehiking was born out of a deep passion for outdoor exploration, with a mission to provide campers with the ultimate camping experience – one that is marked by comfort, functionality, and a seamless connection with the great outdoors.

FireHiking hot tents come in a variety of forms, we have tepee hot tents, backpacking hot tents, yurt hot tents, etc. They are made of weather, compression and tear resistant materials that are perfect for winter camping, hunting, ice fishing, etc. FireHiking's hot tents are most of all inexpensive, no matter if you're solo camping, double camping or family camping, you can get a comfortable outdoor experience for the best price.

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FireHiking will continue to develop new hot tents, aiming to make the winter outdoor campers around the world enjoy quality and cheap camping tents for a more comfortable camping experience!

Currently we have released the LEVA series, Firefort series, Fireden series and Fireyurt series of hot tents, which have their own unique designs.      

LEVA series: FireHiking LEVA series hot tents mainly takes teepee tent as the main tent type, which has the advantages of wind resistance, pressure resistance and high space weight ratio. Our LEVA series of hot tents use high-strength waterproof and warm heat-resistant fabrics, as well as high-toughness aluminum tent poles to easily withstand all kinds of bad weather. The tent comes with a stove jack and a half-inner tent, and you can install a tent stove inside the tent separate from the sleeping area.

Firefort series: FireHiking Firefort Series of hot tents designed for backpacker campers. Firefort series is more portable and easy to store, the tent waterproof and heat insulation breathable performance is not compromised, with stove jack and inner tent, stove and sleep separation. This range of hot tents is suitable for hiking, fishing and hunting, and it is the most reliable backpacking fortress for adventurers.

Fireden series: FireHiking Fireden Series hot tents are known for their ultra-high water resistance and oversized stove jack, Fireden series is more portable and suitable for all-weather camping.

Fireyurt series: FireHiking Fireyurt series focuses on releasing yurt tents for all-season camping. We have optimized the traditional yurt to make it more suitable for backpacking, hunting and family camping.

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