LEVA Series (4)

FireHiking LEVA series hot tents mainly takes teepee tent as the main tent type, which has the advantages of wind resistance, pressure resistance and high space weight ratio. Our LEVA series of hot tents use high-strength waterproof and warm heat-resistant fabrics, as well as high-toughness aluminum tent poles to easily withstand all kinds of bad weather. The tent comes with a stove jack and a half-inner tent, and you can install a tent stove inside the tent separate from the sleeping area.

FireHiking also has other series of hot tents such as Firefort, Fireden, Fireyurt etc.
If you need a Tent Stove that matches a FireHiking hot tent, you can visit: FireHiking Tent Stove Category

The FireHiking LEVA series hot tents offers campers a variety of options, from small hot tents for Solo adventure: LEVA Solo, medium hot tents for double or family camping for 2-4 people: LEVA, and large hot tents for families of 4-8 people: LEVA Plus and Onefires.

All season camping requires not only a hot tent, but also a tent stove that can provide warmth and cooking, we recommend FireHiking titanium stove, which is not only lightweight but also has higher strength and heat dissipation performance.