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FireHiking Tent Stove | TOLA Mini Portable Titanium Wood Burning Stove 3.4lb for Hot Tent Camping

FireHiking Tent Stove | TOLA Mini Portable Titanium Wood Burning Stove 3.4lb for Hot Tent Camping

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  • Detail
    • Portable - The tent fire stove is smaller when folded and can be put into a backpack. Weighing 1.55kg/3.4lb, it is super lightweight for easy portability and transport.
    • Ultralight Mini Tent Stove - The stove is made of titanium, which is strong and heat-resistant, and has the characteristics of rust and corrosion resistance.
    • Glass Window - The transparent glass window on one side can observe the fuel combustion in the tent stove, and it is convenient to add fuel in time.
    • Foldable Design - The stove and legs are foldable, this design reduces the chance of losing hardware components.
    • Damper Stove Pipe - The damper stove pipe is fixed with nuts, which is more stable and does not easily air leak. Turn the handle to open and close the damper to control the smoke output of the stove.

    tent fire stove

    FireHiking tent wood stove

    FireHiking hot tent with tent stove

    FireHiking TOLA Mini Tent Stove, a portable titanium wood-burning stove designed specifically for hot tent camping. This lightweight stove, weighing only 1.55kg/3.4lb, is perfect for easy portability and transport, fitting effortlessly into your backpack.

    Material Titanium
    Model Mini Stove
    Fuel Type Wood
    Product Dimensions 13"L x 9.5"W x 7.5"H
    Stove Body Size 332.2x195x60 mm/13.1*7.7*2.36 inch
    Gross Weight 1.55 kg / 3.42 lb
    Package Weight 2.86 kg / 6.31 lb

    TOLA mini tent stove size


    FireHiking Tent Stove
    Stove Bag
    Spark Arrestor
    Titanium Stove Pipe - 8.2 ft
    Damper Stove Pipe
    Cut resistant gloves
    TOLA mini tent stove package

    Foldable Tent Stove

    Designed with convenience in mind, the TOLA Mini Tent Stove features a foldable design for both the stove and its legs. This thoughtful design reduces the chances of losing any hardware components while making the stove more compact when folded. You can easily store and transport the stove without any hassle.
    foldable tent stove

    Stove Body Reinforcement

    The interior of the stove body is reinforced to prevent the deformation of the stove.

    tent stove body

    tent stove body

    Damper Stovepipe

    The damper stove pipe of the TOLA Mini Tent Stove is fixed with nuts, providing enhanced stability and minimizing air leakage. By simply turning the handle, you can effortlessly open or close the damper, giving you full control over the smoke output of the stove. This feature allows you to create a comfortable and smoke-free environment inside your hot tent.
    tent stove pipe damper

    Glass Window

    Equipped with a transparent glass window on one side, the TOLA Mini allows you to observe the fuel combustion within the camping stove. This feature enables you to monitor fuel levels and conveniently add fuel when necessary, ensuring a continuous heat supply during your hot tent camping adventures.

    FireHiking TOLA mini tent stove

    TOLA mini tent stove on working


    Turn the handle to open and close the damper to control the amount of smoke exhausted from the stove and affect the burning speed of the wood.

    Color Change

    Magic titanium that changes color with temperature - purple and blue.


    It can be used for outdoor cooking all year round, and a camping stove for heating in tents.

    Always use a carbon monoxide detector when using a stove in a tent or camper. If there is a small amount of carbon monoxide in a confined space, this detector can alert you and keep you safe.

    This titanium stove is made of thinner titanium sheets to make it lighter and more portable. Therefore, it may have slight deformation after burning. Please note this is a normal situation, not a quality problem. Slight deformation will not affect the product use. Thank you for your support.

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FireHiking Tent Stove | TOLA Mini Portable Titanium Wood Burning Stove 3.4lb for Hot Tent Camping
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Customer Reviews



This tent stove is great! I plan to use it with my Fireden tent.


This is the best value tent stove I've ever bought...


This stove is lighter than I thought it would be, but because it's made of titanium so the body is strong, easy to install and remove, nice experience!


This stove is incredible! The quality is very good and I will be enjoying it for years to come. The stove bag is very good and very easy to carry. I would definitely recommend it to friends and others.


I love this stove. Easy to assemble and pack away. It pumps out a serious amount of heat but also weighs very little. Very impressed with the quality.


An amazing mini-stove, light and super easy to use at first time!But it might be a bit small for me, and the space would be smaller if cooking on top of the stove.


This stove is awesome. Small and exquisite. Easy to carry. Paired with my FireHiking LEVA Solo Tent, I can stay in the forest for days.

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