Tipi Tents (6)

tipi tent with inner tent and stove jack

FireHiking's Tipi tents with stove jacks come with matching half inner tents, and you can choose whether or not to have an inner tent delivered.
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Teepee Tents for Camping

Teepee tents are suitable for both group camping and individual extreme adventures. The shape of the tent makes it highly weather resistant and comfortable in terms of space utilization, allowing you to stand and stretch freely in the tent. Our teepee tents come with a stove jack, so you can add a tent stove for heating and cooking, and they all come with a half inner tent that separates the living area from the sleeping area, so you can build a fire for cooking and stack firewood and other supplies in the living area, and rest comfortably in the sleeping area. Of course, you can choose not to have an inner tent when you add it to your cart.

tipi tent with inner tent and stove jack

Why Choose Our Teepee Tents

Higher quality at lower prices:

Among teepees in the $200-$300 range, our tents are way ahead of the pack in terms of waterproofing and fabric strength! Our goal is to make the winter camping experience as comfortable as possible for campers on a budget or beginners.

Teepee Tents for All Seasons

Our tepee tents are designed for all seasons. The outer tent is insulated with a high quality waterproof coating and has a stove jack so you can enjoy plenty of warmth on cold winter days; the half inner tent reduces the effects of condensation in the sleeping area and allows for more comfortable use of the tent stove; while the 2-door design and multiple vents at the top and bottom keep your tepee cool and breathable in the summer.

Teepee Tents with A Half-Inner Tent

Inside the teepee, the half inner tent is mainly used for comfortable sleeping, protection from mosquitoes and condensation, and insulation from muddy ground. The biggest advantage of the half inner tent over the full inner tent is that it separates the sleeping area from the stove, which makes your sleeping area neater and cleaner.

Outdoor teepee camping gear you may need for winter:

Tent Stoves

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Stove Jack

Our teepee tent package contains a stove jack, but I recommend you have some on hand for replacement. Visit: FireHiking Stove Jack

Chimney Pipe

If your stovepipe isn't long enough, you can refill it by visiting: FireHiking Stovepipes.